Bicycles are fantastic means of transport. They are light, relatively cheap and they don’t need any fuel, besides a good breakfast for you, to run.However, they also suffer from stress and struggle in various weather conditions. In order to serve us well over the years your bicycle also needs good healthcare.This is where we come into the picture. 

With years of experience in bicycle maintenance in The Netherlands we are your perfect people to keep your bike healthy. We will also help you, via our mobile app, to prevent some of the more common issues your vehicle can face. Usually all the bicycle maintenance is a dirty process which inadvertently pollutes our precious environment with all those lubricants, used parts and old tires. But hey, there is a way to keep both your bike and mother earth healthy! We use only organic and biodegradable substances for the maintenance. All of the wastes produced are carefully recycled. And your old tires will be reused to make new clothes or even furniture. And that is not the end. Every time you are paying us for the service we will donate a part of the money to plant trees which will absorb that pesky CO2 from our air.

If you want to keep your bike in a good condition and you care for planet Earth you’ve come to the right place!

Maciek is fantastisch. Hij kon snel komen en ging mijn 2 banden vervangen in no time. Hij liep ook nog een paar dingetjes na zonder dat het gevraagd heb en gaf me goeie tips voor de aanschaf van een e-bike. Hij is een heel aangenaam persoon, zeer aanbevolen. Hij kwam in Diemen Noord langs zelfs zonder probleem, dus niet alleen Amsterdam binnenstad.
Nogmaals dank Maciek!

Annelies Van Aerschot

This mobile bicycle mechanic service is genius! I didn't have to bring my bike anywhere, the guy came to me super fast so after all I spent half the time I would normaly do and the price was very competitive! Also fixed some extra small stuff for free! Best in Amsterdam!

Filip Pabjas

Ik ben echt heel tevreden met de servies dat mijn fiets heeft gekregen. Snel en profesioneel! De monteur is vriendelijk en altijd een glimlach heeft op zijn gezicht. Eerlijk!

Klaudia Latkowska

Great service, complex repair was done quickly.
Definitely recommend

Alexey Napalkov